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Charlie says hello by RRedolfi Charlie says hello by RRedolfi
Last year I gave birth to a wonderful doll named Charles S. O'Hara - or just Charlie for short. His character was conceived of in a pretty rough time in my life, and I used his creation as a sort of art-therapy: I found it easier to cope with the things going on with my life when I let myself run creatively free and create a big ol' doll to pour all of my energy into.

He is, by far, my biggest and most intricate doll to-date: he is fully articulated with poseable ears, mouth, jaw, limbs, body, and tail, and he dwarfs all of my other dolls at just about two feet tall. At the time, he was as tall as my nephew!!! He certainly is a fine fellow, and never fails to draw attention wherever he goes.

Once I was finished making Charlie, I spent some time carrying him around and taking some photos of him. My life went (even more) catterwampus before I was able to totally finish his project (give him a costume, make a book about him, etc.) but he still lives with me and hangs out above my bed and reminds me of how strong I really am.

If I can make a two-foot-tall doll while getting a divorce, directing an art-show, changing jobs, moving into my own place, acting in a pretty cool movie, and raising a litter of rat-pups then I can do pretty much anything.
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